• Guided tour on our 300 m raised walkway through an ancient ebony forest
• Savouring snacks at Sublime Point
• Hike along the Ridgeline Trail
• Museum about the island’s natural history
• Support our ongoing conservation activities, just by visiting


• Access to self-guided hiking trails
• Film in English (6 mins) or French (8 mins) about the island’s wildlife


Suitable for:
all ages, families, groups and couples. As Ebony Forest is located on a mountain slope, access by push- or wheel-chair to the raised walkway and hiking trails is limited. The Visitor Centre is accessible to wheel- and push- chair users. If you need assistance, please contact us for advice.


Group size:
no restrictions. If you are a large group, please contact us in advance.


Difficulty level:
The hikes are graded easy, based on international standards. The hike up Piton Canot can be slippy when wet. The Flycatcher raised walkway is more than 4m in height so if you suffer from vertigo, please inform our staff in advance. There are 113 steps up and 142 down on the walkway, but you will hardly notice these on your guided tour.


1 – 4 hours, depending on if you hike up Piton Canot. You can stay the whole day as there is plenty to see and do. We recommend you visit before 2.30 pm to fully appreciate your visit as we close at 17:00.

2.3 km – 6.1 km if you hike to Sublime Point or Piton Canot.


Flycatcher guided tour times:
the first tour starts at 9:30 and the last one at 16:00. Tours are every 1 hour and provided by an experienced local guide.


What to bring:
we recommend trainers or hiking shoes. Mosquito repellent is advised, and of course your camera.


available. If you come by bicycle, let us know and we can find somewhere safe to store it


Food and drink:
picnics are not allowed as we wish to limit the amount of potential rubbish. Snacks can be bought at Sublime Point and in our Shop. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we do not sell drinks in plastic bottles, but you can fill up your water bottle for free from our water fountain in our Shop.


not necessary. We request that large groups and persons with access difficulties contact us in advance. Purchase your ticket either online to benefit from 10 % discount or when you visit.


Adult: Rs 360
5-17 years: Rs 220
0-4 years: free of charge


Resident group rate (> 10 persons):
Adult: Rs 325
5-17 years: Rs 200


Profit generated from ecotourism activities are reinvested into the conservation of the flora and fauna, which has been on-going since 2006. Thank you for visiting and supporting our conservation efforts.

Take a Hike

If you have ever wondered where the Dodo lived or what Mauritius looked like before the arrival of humans, then visit Ebony Forest. Escape the beaches for a couple of hours and immerse yourself in the mountains and greenery of Chamarel, home to some of the most endangered species in the World.


Start or end your visit with a self-guided tour of our museum, Ebony Experience, written and illustrated by British palaeontologist, artist, and critically acclaimed co-author of Lost Land of the Dodo, Dr Julian Hume. If you are short of time, a must-see is the 6-8 minute film in English or French about the Island’s unique and fragile biodiversity, sponsored by the Mauritius Commercial Bank and produced by Mystic Mauritius. Leaving the museum, you will understand the importance of our conservation work.


Before you start your hike, take the opportunity to meet Donatello, Vanille, Ralph and Flash, our four Aldrabra giant tortoises (Aldabrachelys gigantea) busy creating a grazing lawn. These tortoises are part of a study to see if exotic tortoises can be used to fulfil the ecological roles once performed by the extinct giant Mauritian tortoises. Prior to the arrival of humans, giant tortoises occurred in huge herds and performed vital functions such as seed dispersal and grazing. We plan to use these gentle giants to help us control the exotic vegetation.

ebony forest - flycatcher raised walkway

On your 1.3 km hike (15-20 mins) to the Flycatcher Raised Walkway, you will pass by restoration sites at different stages of management. The stones with RS depict the different “restoration sites”. Some are newly weeded, whereas others may be recently planted or more than 3 metres in height. Our NGO continues to work tirelessly to transform this invaded species-poor habitat to a lush and biodiverse forest, home for many threatened species.


Meet your guide at the start of the Flycatcher Raised Walkway and explore one of the best-preserved ebony forests in Mauritius on our unique raised walkways. On this 30 minute guided tour, you will learn about our forest restoration and bird conservation activities, feel the density of ebony wood and understand why it is one of the most valuable woods in the world. See Fruit Bats hanging in the trees or eating fruits, endemic Phelsuma geckos sunbathing, pic pic birds hopping around the canopy looking for insects and one of the rarest trees in the world, the bois corail or Coral Tree, named for its magnificent coral-shaped flowers. Breathe in the sweet scents of the fresh and cool forest air and learn why we are installing artificial nest boxes for the Mauritius Kestrel and Echo Parakeet.

After the guided tour, take the steps up to the Ridgeline Trail. This gentle and tranquil 1.1 km trail through native forest offers breath-taking views of Le Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the crystal clear waters surrounding the island of Ile aux Benitiers. Spot Mauritius Paradise Flycatchers as you pass through their territory and these inquisitive birds join you on your walk. It takes on average 30 minutes from the Flycatcher Forest to Sublime Point. As the name suggests, is just breathtaking. One of the best views in Mauritius, if not THE BEST. Le Morne, Ile aux Benitiers, Tourelle du Tamarin, Montagne du Rempart, Corps de Garde, Trois Mamelles, Le Pouce, Pieter Both, Piton Canot and the island’s highest peak, Piton de la Riviere Noire all form part of this stunning panorama. With a unique vantage point, watch the endemic Mauritian Fruit Bat flying below, White-tailed Tropic Birds delight you with their aerial acrobatics, Mascarene swiftlets, and Mauritius Kestrel. While you relax and enjoy the view, why not purchase some local snacks and drinks, such as gateaux piments, samosas, tamarind juice, lemon grass juice at our Sublime Snack.


For those adventurous and energetic enough, a hike up Piton Canot will reward you with a 360 degree panorama of the west and south-west coasts, village of Chamarel and Black River Gorges National Park. This 400 m trail has an ascent of 140 m to the summit at 542 m above sea level. We recommend the last departure time to walk up Piton Canot is at 4pm.


The 2.4 km hike back to the Visitor Centre takes about 30 – 50 mins. Enjoy the views overlooking the valley towards Baie du Cap. If you didn’t visit the museum on your way in, now is your chance. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir in our Shop. Your visit and purchases contribute to helping save endangered species and habitats from extinction and offsetting carbon. All profits generated are reinvested back into our conservation work at Ebony Forest or one of our other conservation sites.

ebony forest - ridgeline - le morne bench
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