Nature education for primary and secondary groups

Using the forest as a classroom, we provide primary and secondary nature education programmes.

Choose Ebony Forest for your school outing because of our:
• Curricula-related activities – history, science, geography, physical activities– delivered in English or French or Creole
• Professional educators
• Interactive and fun activities that bring learning to life
• Ecology Centre
• Natural History Museum in English and French
• Seating area available for children to enjoy a snack or their picnic lunch, upon request
• Tailor-made activities for schools

Our education goals are to:
• Rewild and reconnect children to nature
• Get children engaged and actively participating in wildlife conservation
• Inspire children to learn and shine through authentic experiences in nature, becoming active global citizens for a sustainable future.


Our outdoor learning opportunities cover a range of subjects and we are happy to discuss your requirements. We also provide teacher training.

Why exposing children to nature is so important?

Today children can spend more than 8 hours a day on electronic gadgets.

Obesity and attention-deficit disorders are on the rise. Numerous studies have shown the health benefits to children and adults who are exposed to nature and the outdoors:

• encourages physical activity, healthy development and overall well-being;
• builds self-confidence and a sense of adventure;
• enhances creativity, focus, and problem solving abilities;
• improves social skills, cooperation and self-esteem; and
• reduces the risk of being overweight.


Quite simply, people that spend more time outdoors tend to be healthier and happier!!!

Primary School Forest Education

Reconnect children with nature and learn about Mauritian history, geography, and biology.

Join us for a great way to expose your young learners to the forest and outdoors. Speak to our team to learn more about a school visit (1.5-2 hours) and if you would like a bespoke activity, contact us. We offer opportunities for children to participate in native plant propagation in our nursery. Our activities are led by our educators and are designed to motivate children to discover (or re-discover) the forest and to become future eco-responsible citizens.

Secondary School Forest Education

Inspire, empower and give students the skills to protect nature

We want to inspire your pupils to be the conservationists and environmental champions of the future, as well as simply appreciating how fantastic the Island’s native wildlife and landscapes are. Call or email ([email protected]) us to organise your school visit. If your students have particular projects on nature, forests, climate change, community engagement, travel and tourism, or sustainability, we can develop bespoke activities. Standard school visits take 1-2 hours, while our advanced programmes last half or the whole day depending on the activities you select.


School visits includes:
• Access to the Natural History Museum and Ecology Centre, written in English and French
• Film in English (6 mins) or French (8 mins) about the island’s wildlife
• Guidance from our experienced educators
• Seating area available for children to enjoy a snack or their picnic lunch, upon request.


In addition to a guided tour through the restoration sites, ebony forest and the Natural History Museum, we offer a wide range of other activities such as:
• Plant identification
• Biological surveys
• Nature treasure hunts in the field or Natural History Museum
• Plant propagation such as seed sowing,
• Planting endemics, seed sowing and other nursery work


1- 2 hours, or longer, depending on the tour and your requirements.


Distance (Primary Schools):
0.5-2.3 km depending on whether students visit the Green Loop or Flycatcher Forest raised walkway.


Distance (Secondary Schools):
2.3 km. For shorter tours, contact us.


What to bring and wear:
A drink, sun cream, mosquito repellent, camera. We recommend children wear trainers or comfortable shoes, a cap, and comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather.


Please note that the Seven Coloured Earth do not allow 60-seater buses past the gate. It is 3.2 km from the gate to Ebony Forest Visitor Centre. Call us for advice.

Food and drink:
Seating area available for children to enjoy a snack or their picnic lunch, upon request. Snacks and ice cream are available for purchase in our Shop.


is necessary. Call (460 3030 / 3031) or email [email protected]


Child: Rs 100
Teachers: free of charge, conditions apply
Non-teacher: Rs 100
Advanced programme: Rs 500


Profit generated from ecotourism activities are reinvested into the conservation of the flora and fauna, which has been on-going since 2006. Thank you for visiting and supporting our conservation efforts.

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