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A day out for your primary or secondary school child doesn’t just have to be about the fun in the bus, eating too much sugar and escaping the confines of the classroom! It’s about discovering something new in a fun and interactive way……. as well as escaping for the day! What’s more, Mauritius has so many surprises and secrets to share about its past, present and future. Every day is a school day, no matter what age you are!

It’s our objective at Ebony Forest to rewild and reconnect the younger generation to nature. Children are reportedly spending an average of 6-8 hours daily in front of screens. Sadly with Covid-19, this has got worse. Worldwide school children are creating a revolution, demanding society wakes up and stop the destructive and abusive habits of the earth. As the future’s responsible global citizens, we need to inspire, educate and provide them with the right tools and skills for a sustainable future. That’s why not only does a school outing to Ebony Forest, include curricula-related interactive and educational activities in the forest and our natural history musuem, but every child on a school outing receives a FREE, yes FREE, education pack!

Secondary and primary school books sponsored by the Mauritius Commercial Bank, written by Celine Chowa, illustrated by Henry Koombes and produced by Vizavi.


How is that possible? Well it is all thanks to MCB! MCB sponsored the development of not one, but two, education packs. The primary school pack consists of a colouring book filled with endemic animals and plants and a fun memory game for all the family to learn something new! The secondary school pack, written by Céline Chowa and illustrated by none-other than Tikoulou artist, Henry Koombes, comes with a Happy Families card game and a 20-page interactive book all about what you can learn at Ebony Forest. Don’t be surprised if you learn a few new things about Mauritius’ natural history. Do you know how to make a volcano spew or how much oxygen two adult trees produce? Learn from your child with the education pack!

Children from the MCB Forward Foundation during a visit to Ebony Forest where they had a guided tour and planted endemic trees.


Besides sponsoring the development of the education packs, MCB and its staff are also supporting the planting and upkeep of 2 hectares of the native forest at Ebony Forest. MCB have gone even further than just financing the development of the education packs, they have sponsored the printing of 4000 packs, which come in a locally-made sustainable drawstring bag! Has your child got one yet? Contact us to arrange your child’s school visit to Ebony Forest, or simply check out our website

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