Plant Nursery

Go native in your garden.

Our native plant nursery, situated at the Visitor Centre, is the only nursery in Mauritius dedicated to propagating only native and endemic species. We specialise in growing species from coastal to upland areas, including rare and threatened species.


You will find a wide variety of trees, shrubs, creepers, palms and ground cover plants available for purchase at our shop from Rs50 to Rs500, depending on the size. We can advise on the best native plants according to where you live and what you want to achieve.


We offer discounted rates for large orders. Simply call or send us a message to learn more.

Why plant native species?

Mauritius has one of the world’s most threatened island floras.

89% of its endemic plant species are at risk of extinction. Today, less than 2% of native forest remains. One of the greatest threats to native forest is non-native plants or exotics that invade and take over the native forest.

Advantages/benefits of native plants:

• Low maintenance/aftercare – little watering or pruning needed.
• Adapted to the climate and soil conditions of Mauritius.
• Adapted to cyclonic conditions.
• Most keep their leaves all year round.
• Provide food and shelter for native butterflies, insects, reptiles, birds and bats.


Did you know that many species used in landscaping and sold in commercial plant nurseries in Mauritius are highly invasive? Lantana camara is a favourite due to its beautiful flowers. Yet it is among the top 10 worst weeds in the world. It smothers other plants and prevents regeneration in both forests and agricultural areas. Go native instead!

Why buy plants from us?

Proceeds from your purchases help fund our vital conservation work.

We also ensure to deliver the following

• High genetic diversity in our plant stock: we collect seeds and seedlings from a wide variety of plants of a species.
• Protecting wildlife: fruits are essential for many different forest animals. We do leave at least one-third of the ripe fruits so there is plenty of food for animals and also for natural seedling regeneration.

• Strong plants: unlike most nurseries where the plants are watered on a regular basis to ensure rapid growth, we harden the plants. This is a process of weaning them off water so that they become acclimatized to conditions when planted.
• Expert advice: we are here to advise on the most suitable plants for your gardening, landscaping and environmental needs.

Below is a selection of plants, we propagate and sell.

Palms and vacoas

• Dictyosperma album var. album

• Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
• Latania loddigesii

• Pandanus utilis

Ground cover/planters

• Aloe purpureum
• Chrysopogon argutus (vetiver)

• Cymbopogon excavatus (lemon grass)
• Dianella ensifolia

Bushes, ideal for hedging

• Acalypha indica
• Barleria observatrix

• Clerodendrum heterophyllum
• Psiadia arguta


• Premna seratifolia

Trees, small and large

• Calophyllum species
• Coffea macrocarpa
• Coffea myrtifolia
• Cyphostemma mappia
• Diospyros tessellaria
• Dodonea viscosa

• Dombeya mauritiana
• Dracaena reflexa
• Eugenia species
• Ficus species
• Foetidia mauritiana
• Gastonia mauritiana – Polyscias

• Hibiscus fragilis
• Hibiscus genevii
• Labourdonnaisia
• Mimusops species
• Protium obtusifolium

• Stadmania oppositifolia
• Tarenna borbonica
• Trochetia boutoniana

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After visiting our green and lavish plant nursery, sit down and enjoy some delicious food!

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